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Cooperativa Hortícola Española Frescos Vegetales A La Orden

(Custom Order Spanish Fresh Vegetables Cooperative)

Objectives - Benefits

As part of its commitment for better health, HI-Consult participates as management company of the CHEF-VALO Cooperative.

CHEF-VALO is a social entrepreneurship initiative aimed at creating employment for young people with special education by cultivating mini-vegetables in the Sierra of Madrid using a rigorous protocol of organic farming.


This initiative is part of the innovation projects of United Nations AIAF (International Year of Family Farming) and represents an innovation in the following areas:

  • Products: mini-vegetables for gourmets very much appreciated for its delicate appearance, more intense flavor and tender texture.
  • Personnel: through special education to young people who develop manual skills for handling mini-vegetables, mainly precision and patience.
  • Production: through techniques of eco-agriculture and biodynamic farming adapted to small plots (50-200 m2) in the Sierra de Madrid.
  • Process for Distribution (Km 0): direct shipping from the farm to the consumer, avoiding middle institutions, transport times and pollution.
  • Protection of the soil and sustainability: through biodynamic farming.
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