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HI has been using Design Thinking since 2012 to support the design of business models, not only for their respective services, but also for their customers.

What is Design Thinking

Design Thinking, which combines several methodologies - initially used by architects and designers - has become a powerful tool for solving problems, making decisions and encouraging creativity within companies through the following components:

  • Focus on the customer / user / beneficiary through tools that allow dialogue, empathize and know the profile, needs, knowledge and feelings of customers / users / beneficiaries such as "Customer Journey", Profiler, Stakeholder Canvas, etc.
  • Focus on the generation of ideas - preferably disruptive - looking for several solutions to the problem raised.
  • Use of agile and economical prototypes to accelerate Time to Market and reduce costs.


HI professionals have participated in the following activities:

  • International research projects.
  • Defining and re-defining business models.
  • Sessions to support entrepreneurs.
  • Design of negotiation tools.

More than 140 Design Thinking projects applied to business in Beijing, Bilbao, Bogotá, Lima, Madrid, Montevideo, Panama, Sao Paulo, Sydney and Zagreb to design business models and solve problems.

The results obtained have encouraged the team of DT of HI to lead a research project with several European institutions to combine the current methodologies with the "Future Studies" based on the current chair of UNESCO Anticipatory Systems in order to provide a service of DT more sensitive to changes from possible environments and changes to 10/20 years.

Also, the HI team participates ad-honorem in Madrid Impact Hub in the design of social entrepreneurship projects such as the CHEF-VALO window of this website.

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