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Our mission

Healthness Iberica is a group of education and consulting professionals dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of people on the basis of the four "S" representing the four keys to its mission:

  • "S"ervice with Excellence: in line with the maximum from Ignatius of Loyola “en todo amar y servir” (To serve and love on everything)
  • "S"ustainability: in line with the encyclical "Alabado Sea” by Pope Francisco
  • "S"olidarity towards people and institutions
  • "S"atisfaction of its direct customers (Fitness and Wellness centers) and of the customers of its customers above all

Healthess Ibérica has a team specialized in health, sports, nutrition, care and management working in team with partner companies to provide a great platform for excellence and profitability in enterprises associated with people psycho-physical health and well-being.

HI-Consult lines of business lines are the following:

  • Food & Healthness (CHEF-VALO): eco-organic foods
  • Big Data & Healthness (FIT-BUS-AN): services business analytics
  • Design Thinking & Healthness: tools for decision
  • Energy & Healthness services to improve energy efficiency
  • Events & Healthness (La Ermita de la Serrana): a place for R&R (rest and relaxation)
  • Fitness & Healthness: advice and training to Fitness Centers and SPA
  • Senior Citizens & Healthness (GE-CI-SEN): Senior cities
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